Barnhart’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

This month we asked our staff what’s their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Here’s what they said:

“I actually eat like a bird at Thanksgiving (it’s not my favorite), so I would have to say my favorite thing to eat is my pumpkin scone at Starbucks after I run the Turkey Trot!” – Christine Cowan, Director of Outreach

“Thanksgiving sandwich leftovers” – Patrick Moriarty, Junior Art Director

“I love most everything served for Thanksgiving…note the word served, since I rarely do the cooking! The one thing probably would be a special cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie.” – Bill Schumacher, President

“Pie. Any kind.” – Matt Ward, Creative Director

“Pumpkin Pie with homemade whipped cream” – Lynda Pfaff, Media Buyer

“Mashed Potatoes and gravy… all the way!!!” – Joe Malouff, Director of Digital Services

“Homemade cranberry sauce—not the kind that plops out of a can—and sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top.” – Hannah Morris, PR and Social Media Account Executive

“My husband’s Scott’s turkey smoked on the Weber grill” – Christin Crampton Day, Director of PR and Social Media

“I like a good goat-cheese sweet potato,” – Kristin Raulin, Director of Finance